Of Pens and Swords and Knuckle Tasers


English author, Edward Bulwer-Lytton once said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This may be true, but I found something that can knock the socks off both the pen and the sword. (That is, if pens and swords actually wore socks…which would be pretty weird. I mean, the sword would just cut right through the sock and rip it to shreds, and if the pen wore a sock you wouldn’t be able to write with it. So what’s the point of them wearing socks anyway? Okay, back to the topic at hand.) Someone decided to invent Knuckle Tasers! That’s right, a new take on brass knuckles, only the knuckles are plastic (not brass), and they can also tase people. Add a little zing to your punch with a new set of Knuckle Tasers!


Check them out at: http://www.thehomesecuritysuperstore.com/zap-blast-knuckles-stun-gun-pink-zapbk950pk-gmc-p=5079?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping%20-%20ZAP&utm_term=1100100648852&utm_content=ZAP .

Taser knuckles: bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase: “Punch like a girl.”



Published by

Felicity Marie

I graduated from Nicholls State University in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in English. I have always had a passion for writing.

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