Late Night Poetry

I was killing time before bed last night, and I wrote this poem. Hope you like it!


Once I travelled quite  alone

Along a moonlit road.

Searching for a happy home;

My final days’ abode.

And neither tarried, nor did rest

As I walked and wandered.

A restless soul; on a futile quest –

 To reclaim the life I squandered.

Once there was a chance for me;

Of happy, languid days.

But that was when my soul was free

Before I’d lost my ways.

A carefree, thoughtless thing I was;

Led astray by youth.

But now my heart doth give me pause;

For I have learnt the truth.

The sins of my younger years;

I’ll pay for earnestly.

My mind plays upon my fears

Of what my punishment will be.

And so I travel my lonely road;

My heart and soul asunder.

And though my sorrows overflowed;

Still down this road I wander.

Before my life is done, I may yet find peace.

And tranquility, at least, is not beyond my reach.

And I will search for it, before my life’s surcease.

That I may go gently when I cross into the breach.