Getting Lost

We get lost. We get caught up in all of the dull, mundane details of our day-to-day lives. We get caught up in our “adult responsibilities” like: work, bills, health, the expectations and demands of other people, and so many other stressors that it is impossible to list them all here. We get lost, and we forget to look around us. We forget to notice the beauty that surrounds us every single moment of our lives. We get tied down by negativity and stress, and we stop making it a point to appreciate the small moments that make our lives amazing. This epidemic is worse for people who suffer from mental illnesses; however, everyone experiences this pull to the negative at some point in their lives. You will get lost, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you a secret – WE ALL DO! The key isn’t to never get lost. The key is not to let yourself stay lost. Don’t let yourself believe the lie that you will be lost forever. You won’t. You’ll find your way back. We all do, and when you find your way back don’t forget to appreciate all of the tiny, amazing things that make life fun, happy, and worth living. Because life is definitely worth living. Life can absolutely be fun. You can most assuredly be happy.

I’ve gotten lost again. I’ve been lost for a month or two this time, but in one of my down moments I came across this little gem while distracting myself from my inner pain with the internet. It was in a “Buzzfeed” type list about internet grammar errors.

IMG_0949 (2)

Whoever this person was apparently forgot that the word “sunrise” is more commonly used to describe a “morning sunset,” but, to be honest, I much prefer the simple beauty of the latter phrase. I’m never calling it a sunrise again. Every time I see the sun come up, and I see its orange glow seeping like spilled ink through the sky and painting a multitude of color patterns across the horizon, I will think to myself, “What a gorgeous morning sunset.” I will remember to notice the small things; to appreciate the minute details that make life amazing; and to hold on to these details when I get lost. Remember, you are “rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten” of majestic awesomeness, and no matter how lost you are that rainbow kitten of awesomeness inside you matters more than anything else in the world!


Hold on to the small moments; remember you won’t always be lost; and never forget the “rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten” that is inside of you ready to jump out and blind people with its sparkly, fantabulous kickassness. (Spell check is trying to tell me that “kickassness” is not a real word, but you know what? It’s such an amazing word that it defies the rules of the English language while it throws its middle finger in the air to let all the haters know it doesn’t care what they think.)


Stay sparkly awesome bitches!


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